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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

July Fireworks!!

This first full moon of July, 2015 (yes there are two this month) will set the tone for the entire month, if not more!
Dubbed the Full “Buck” Moon in the Farmer’s Almanac, her light will illuminate those things that are interfering with our spiritual advancements. Once we become “enlightened”, the easier it is “to let go”. The full moon ritual is for releasing or purging the things in our lives that no longer serve us.
The Capricorn Full Moon occurs on July 1st at 7:19pm PDT/ 10:19pm EDT and on July 2nd at 2:19 am GMT.

What I find awesome is that on the eve of the full moon, select planetary dignitaries will join with our moon in celebration, and in strengthening our emotions as well as our power to design amazing intentions! Now is the time to dream BIG as Jupiter aligns with Venus to accompany the moon tonight!

So, don your magical cape and set some intentions! Here are some ideas to get you started: 


Once in a month when the moon is full, Some secret place shall ye gather…

Gather together around a campfire or candle. Have paper and pencil for each guest to write their intention. Feast on “round” foods, libations optional!
Some helpful symbols:
- use white or silver candles and altar cloths
- Lunar Goddesses: Isis, Artemis, Diana, Hecate, Kwan Yin
- Lunar Herbs: mugwort, camphor, sandalwood
-Lunar Metal: silver
- Lunar Stones: moonstone, selenite, pearl, mother of pearl, sapphire
- draw the symbol for the Moon on your candles

1. Invocation
“Moon, sister moon
Shining so high
Smile down upon me
Full face in the sky.

Moon, sister moon
With your silver glow
Whisper your secrets
Tell me what you know.

2. Purification: Pass basket and paper. Each participant can write something negative in their life they would like to rid themselves of (i.e. fear, bad habit, etc.). Collect, read, and throw into the fire.

3. Song: Heal the Mother

There’s a grief that’s deep within my soul
I’m letting it out, I’m letting it go
A torrent of tears running into the sea
I’m letting it out, I’m letting it go.

Heal the Mother, let is all out
Heal your Mother, let it all go.

There’s a rage that boils within my veins
I’m letting it out, I’m letting it go
Volcano blows, and the lave flows
I’m letting it out, I’m letting it go.

There’s a fear that trembles deep within
I’m letting it out, I’m letting it go
Earthquakes moving everything around
I’m letting it out, I’m letting it go.

4. Healing: Send out healing energies - go around the circle.
Anoint each participant with “Moon Water”.

5. Libation: 
Hail Earth, Mother of All!
May your fields increase and flourish.
Your forests grow and spread,
And you waters run pure and free.
Accept this offering, O Earth Mother!
Bring forth that which is good and sustaining for every living thing.

Astrological Insights:

“Between the first full moon on July 1st and the second full moon on July 31st we are going to feel the pull of desire on our hearts in a breathless and very passionate way. We are going to be drawn to those that excite our soul and make us feel alive. We are going to crave only those relationships which honor our authentic truth, and we will find ourselves seeking out those opportunities that pull the strongest on our heart strings.
This moon is going to light the fire in our sacral chakra and move us towards passionate endeavors. Whether it’s investing time in a worthwhile project, or spending hot nights under the moon with our lover—we are going to be filled with passion for our lives.
The planetary alignments and this full moon are throwing kerosene on what has already been smoldering…” And it’s all about to finally explode and light up our life in a big way—now all we need to do is enjoy the show.”
Thank you Kate Rose!

Dipali Desai:

“During a Full Moon phase, it highlights the emotional level as well as any habits or tendencies which are overgrown and creating problems. Old emotions or emotional pain may surface for your awareness and so you create a better understanding.
The Sun in the sign of Cancer, which suggests the need for emotional bonding and the Moon in Capricorn suggests the need for attending to responsibilities and the professional world. You need to strike a balance between the two opposites so that there is greater harmony and flow.  Boundaries, rules, tradition (Capricorn) / receptivity, emotional security and nourishment (Cancer) are a part of the Capricorn/Cancer axis in astrology.
The Full Moon in Capricorn brings the message of:  patience, organic and Divine Timing to all things. Transforming impatience into lasting acceptance that life knows what to bring into your world. There is beautiful blueprint and organization. Trust the process. Your job is to nurture and support where you feel wobbly or doubtful. Being outdoors in Nature helps restore balance within. So spend some time in Nature when possible.”

Cathy Pagano The Cosmic Story Newletters
“This Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon is all about Home. It occurs in the signs that relate to Mother and Father, Home and Country, the emotional body and our outer purpose or dharma. So it is a very personal Full Moon, relating to who we are at our core and how we hold ourselves in the world because of that.
Cancer is the Archetypal Mother, the waters of Earth which gave rise to Life. There is a fertility and strength to Cancer, which not only births but feeds Life. But Cancer's waters are polluted and dying. How can we let this happen? Who will change things if not us? Earth and women need to take the lead now. We are the birthers, we are the nurturers. While men have these capacities, it is important for women to consciously connect with our ancient powers of life. We were given them for a reason, don't you think?
The Warrior planet Mars is close to the Cancer Sun, sparking us to grapple with these issues.
If we are people of integrity, we can create a governing structure of integrity.
The Moon is in Capricorn, the sign of the Archetypal Father and at its best, the sign of that integrity I am speaking of.
We need a feminine vision of life to take precedence if we want to 'birth' something new.
It is the Divine Feminine, very active once again in women, who can help us create a new world.
The Capricorn Moon is conjunct Pluto, telling us it's now or never.
Unless we remember the bigger cosmic story, our personal story will be missing some important insights.
Both the Sun and Mars in Cancer will be opposing Pluto in Capricorn this month. This is all about transforming our consciousness (Sun) and our desire nature (Mars). What good is a world if nobody you love is in it?
This is definitely not your ordinary July.”

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