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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Can You Feel It?

There is a Universal shake-up happening! 
Not only is our planet coming into eclipse alignment with our sun and moon in the wee hours of March 20, 2015 but Friday also hails a Super (perigee) moon. The magnificence of this Super New Moon reaching the closest point in its orbit of Earth will be felt, not seen excepting a shadow as it blocks out the sun.
If that weren't enough, the Equinox is also occurring (Spring or Vernal in the northern hemisphere, Fall or Autumnal in the southern half of the globe).
A total solar eclipse has not occurred on the March Equinox since 1662 and will not be witnessed again until 2034.

On top of that, we are under the influence of the final exact square of Uranus-Pluto, which began as far back as 2008. Offered by Golden Age of Gaia:
“The squares are hastening a revolution of sorts in our inner and outer worlds. This great change marks the threshold of the new time that has been incubating within hearts and minds for many years now.This is the most powerful astrological influence we will experience during this decade. The changes seeded during this time will determine the shape of life on the earth plane moving forward.”

Our Mother Earth is vibrating with soooo much intensity right now. So palpable, in fact that even the murkiest of consciousness can feel it! STOP, if only for a moment, breathe, and listen. Close your eyes, feel the wind on your cheeks, and hear the birds. 
Give thanks.

Gaia's message for you:
“In these auspicious hours of darkness during the Super New Moon (05:36 EST) and Total Solar Eclipse (03:41 until 07:50 EST) and in the balance of the Equinox (18:45 EST), it behooves you to be extremely clear on what you desire to conspire with the Universe. The more consciously you choose to align your job, relationships, and daily activities with your soul’s purpose, the more blissful your life IS. 
Can you FEEL it? What does it feel like to be blissed-out, Beloved? 
There is no separation, segregation, or discrimination. 
It is your birthright!”

So, please, in the luscious, dark, quietude of the womb of Gaia and this powerful portal, The Astral Triple Crown, arise from your slumber and claim your seat in the Circle! Offer up to Gaia, our precious Mother Earth, your deepest, soul-felt longings.
Know that they are already yours.
You are witnessed.
You are held in sacred space.
This ground is ferociously fertile, ready to give birth to your seeds of limitless potential!

The New Moon, the Equinox, and Eclipses have been recognized since time began and are powerful times in themselves for building intention.
The new moon is a magical time of beginnings, when you can recharge goals, or set new ones and is an optimal time for planning and seeding your intentions.
Ostara (Vernal Equinox) is a time to create new beginnings in your life.
Eclipses are extremely powerful times where any issues that have been hidden are brought into the light to be addressed. Specifically, solar eclipses create wonderful energetics to work with, bringing deeper issues into the light.

Enjoy the live radio show with Carol Ohmart Behan and myself guiding the Vernal Equinox ritual and seed-sowing on Voices of the Earth!

I offer you this ritual tool to help you celebrate the turn of the Wheel, and consecrate your greatness.

Items to have on hand:
Piece of paper (sunflower picture optional)
Pen or other colored writing instrument
Sunflower seed or birdseed
Flower(s), eggs, other symbols of Spring

Take a few moments now to consider what parts of your life are out of balance.
Are you spending too much time and too much effort on one part of your life at the expense of other, equally or more important parts? 
Are you spending too much time on things and not on people? 
Do you use one set of behaviors instead of spreading your wings and finding better ways to cope? 
Are you ignoring parts of your life or parts of who you are that might bring balance and wholeness to your life?”

Set your Intentions for what you wish to manifest in this new cycle, this new beginning marked by the New Moon and say:
"Now I cast behind me the darkness of Winter and the past. I look only to that which lies ahead. This is the time for me to plant seeds in the physical, mental, as well as spiritual realms."

When you are ready, take your pen and write in the center of your sunflower paper one way you will rebalance your life. Write down one behavior or one aspect of your life you will change to bring your life back into balance.

Now take your sunflower paper and bend the petals up so that you form a bowl with your committed behavior change written inside. Say:
"As this tiny seed begins its life anew, so do I now begin to manifest my new desires for the coming year."
Place a sunflower seed into the bowl. Your commitment to rebalance your life is now nestled beneath seed, which is the icon of new life, of rebirth and of renewal. Say:
“With joy and trust, I place these requests in the hands of the Goddess and Her Lord.”

Bless your intentions: 
"These thought-seeds I do willingly place into the hands of the Lady and Her Lord, that these desires and dreams may manifest and become reality. By the free will of All, and with harm to none, as I will, so shall it be done."

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