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Thursday, March 12, 2015


"Save Our Souls!" went the old cry. S.O.S! Enough, already! Its' here somewhere. I know it is. So why cant I see it? Yes, its that time of year again when, especially for "northern New Englanders", we've had our fill of single digits, icy windshields, and shoveling. Truth is, the pretty white stuff is not so pretty anymore, having been doused with dirt, sand, and salt on our roadways. The roads themselves are narrower and have plenty of new potholes, and our driveways, well...just imagine 4-5 foot tunnel-like walls of white to greet you when you get home each night for, say, 90 nights!

I'm shouting "Signs Of Spring!" from here on out. Let's begin our watch of the natural world... 'cuz nature knows before we do! And its very darn cute, too.

It's melting!!

 Chickadees are busy on the sunflower seed feeder.

 I love that the Nuthatches hang upside down, daring to be different!

A pair of Tufted Titmice.

Red-Bellied Woodpecker

An unexpected visitor...a porcupine leaving the yard after munching on some bird seed at the feeder! He/she was quite entertaining whilst having to lift each paw up high to walk through the four-plus feet of snow in the yard, hind end waddling and tail dragging. I guess porcupines aren't equipped with snowshoe feet.

Trumpeter Swans frolicking and honking in Oneida Lake!

Post your S.O.S. here. Give a shout out for Spring!


  1. Simply beautiful Cathleen! I grew up in Connecticut and now live in Florida.
    I miss the changing seasons (but not the cold). Shouting loud for spring!

  2. Lovely post, Cathleen. The images tell the story of transformation as seasons evolve into new birth. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth for reading and sharing.

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  3. Cathleen love the birds. I live in Homer Alaska and we have had a very mild winter x2 with very little snow..
    We also are a stopping place for the migratory birds, we have sandhill cranes and dirty neck swans

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